Organization Summary

The nonprofit New England Wildlife Center (the Center) is a grassroots, entrepreneurial venture, launched by a group of Massachusetts’ citizens 33 years ago.  We use the provision of humane medical care to orphaned and hurt wild animals as a real-life and engaging platform to teach the life sciences, with a strong focus on biology, to students K-12 and to provide hands-on training in veterinary medicine to undergraduate students nationally and internationally.  At New England Wildlife Center – education is action.  The Center hones stewards of wildlife, habitats and natural resources through our facility built to LEED specifications, an onsite nature center and biology classroom, a windowed veterinary hospital where the public can observe first-hand our collective impact on wildlife, and science education curricula proven to increase environmental literacy.

· With a development department of two, and no outside help, the Center completed an $8 million capital campaign to build the first-in-the-nation wildlife hospital and science education facility constructed to green LEED (leadership in environmental and energy design) specifications.  All funds raised were from private donors just like you.

·  New England Wildlife Center is an example of our ability as a community to come together to solve real problems on our own, without leaving it the government, large institutions or, in other words, “the experts”.

· New England Wildlife Center is the only comprehensive wildlife hospital in the metro-Boston area that provides care for sick, injured and orphaned wild animals.  We treat 225 different species a year.  It is our philosophy that every animal deserves care and that no species in more important than another.

· Since our inception, our veterinary team has treated over 100,000 wildlife, provided education to tens of thousands of children and reconnected countless numbers of people to wildlife, the environment and each other.

· The Center’s work has been lauded locally and nationally in print, on television and on the Internet.  For example, the Center’s work has been recognized in the national Chronicle for Philanthropy, the Today Show, WCVB-TV magazine show – Chronicle, the Boston Globe, the Patriot Ledger, South Shore Living Magazine and the Yawkey Foundation’s Annual Report.

· The Center was chosen by the Massachusetts State Legislature as one of the top 1,000 places to visit in Massachusetts.

staffOrganization Summary