Goods and Services Wish List

Below are items that we always need:



Heating pads (NOT auto-shutoffs)
Whole frozen fish – 6 in.
Meat baby food in jars Bottled water – personal size
Exact baby bird food Gauze pads – 4 inch+
Latex or vinyl gloves Dawn dishwashing soap
Electric heating pads Plastic spray bottles
Batteries – 9 volt and AA Hand sanitizer
Liquid bleach Scrubby sponges
Copy paper Tupperware with lids
Manila file folders – standard size Vitamin B tablets
Pens Refrigerated cookie dough
Sharpie markers Fish food
Post It Notes Ceramic heating lamps
Trash bags – 39 gallon Food and water dishes for reptiles
Zip-Lock bags UVB full spectrum bulbs
Paper towels Kleenex tissue
Folding chairs Paper plates
Fresh greens – no iceberg lettuce Paper coffee cups – No Styrofoam
Peanuts and pecans in shells Coffee
Reptomin turtle food Soda – cans
Construction paper
Cutlery & stirrers
Couches – good condition (no sofa-beds)
Animal carriers/cages – no rust please
Clean towels
Stop & Shop gift cards

Thank you for thinking of us, but we cannot use newspapers, yogurt containers, comforters, fur coats, expired medicines and foods.

In addition we welcome pet caging, carriers, aquaria and other durable pet supplies.  These will be sold in our Long Tail Store to help us care for wildlife and provide education programs.

Click here to download the NEWC Wishlist


staffGoods and Services Wish List