Employment Opportunities at New England Wildlife Centers

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Thank you for your interest in employment opportunities at New England Wildlife Centers!

Learn more about current openings at our Centers in Weymouth and Barnstable below.


Veterinarian, New England Wildlife Centers and The Odd Pet Vet

We are looking for a veterinarian who has a passion for treating non-traditional animals in a non-traditional education organization. Sixty percent of the patients are exotic pets, 30% are wildlife, and 10% are zoo animals; 100% of the job involves educating students of all ages and abilities in natural history, medicine, and care – both in and out of the exam room.  New graduates are welcome to apply.

New England Wildlife Centers are two wildlife centers and hospitals, New England Wildlife Center in metro Boston and Cape Wildlife Center on Cape Cod. Both Centers employ veterinary teams. We train middle school, high school, undergraduate, graduate, veterinary, incarcerated, and challenged students in care-based science education about wildlife, zoo, and exotic animal natural history, medicine and biology.

Please apply by sending your resume electronically to Greg Mertz, DVM, at gerg@newildlife.org.


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