NEWC in the news

Below is a collection of news articles, stories and reviews of the New England Wildlife Center and those who work here. In addition, Dr. Mertz is a columnist for the Pet Gazette. Please enjoy these articles which are archived below.



Grants Management Associates

Chronicle of Philanthropy 
By Emma L. Carew


The Patriot Ledger:

Best Places To Visit 
By Brian Benson


The Boston Globe:

Exotic Doc (March 2010)
By Robert Knox


Pet Gazette Articles: (By Dr. Greg Mertz)

Hedgehogs, Furtive, Nocturnal Pets (November 2012)

Pigs Do Best on Farms (January 2013)

Confusing Animal Words (February 2013)

Why Turtles Hate Me (March 2013)

What is the New England Wildlife Center? (April 2013)

When Birds and Bees Give Birth (May 2013)

The Green Devolution (June 2013)

Iguanas, Each One is a Character (July 2013)

Crazy Animal People (August 2013)

Ethics in Wildlife Care (September 2013)

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