Nature Trails

The Center has indoor and outdoor nature trails. Guides to each are available.

The indoor trail, which is also available in Braille, is about the Center, its green facility, and the animals that it cares for.

The outdoor trail, the Andrea McKenna Harris Nature Trail and Wetlands, is 4/10th mile trail that winds through the wetlands and uplands of the Center’s woodland.  The trail passes over and around a vernal pond that extends for more than two acres.  Hikers can investigate the character of the red maple and tupelo wetland and a black, white, and chestnut oak upland.

Our trails connect into trails that pass through conservation areas in the towns of Weymouth, Braintree, and Randolph.  There are several miles of continuous woodland trails.

The Center’s indoor and outdoor trails are also part of the “Quest” network.  For more information on “Quest” click on the link below.

Also, both our indoor and outdoor trails now feature a series of QR codes that link to online videos describing interesting facts about the Center, the animals we treat, and the surrounding woodlands. To read these, just download a free QR reader on any smartphone and point the camera at the images while using it!

QR code useable

Indoor Trail:

Indoor Self-Guided Tour

Outdoor Trail:

Andrea Harris Trail Guide pdf





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