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A Truly Unique Way to Experience Nature!

Tours of New England Wildlife Centers are perfect for all ages and interests~

Would you like to learn more about wildlife? Maybe catch a glimpse of a baby bunny getting fed, a hawk having its wing repaired, or a turtle healing from a cracked shell? Here at New England Wildlife Centers it is our mission to care for all 230 species of native and naturalized wild animals found in the state of Massachusetts. Come learn more by taking a tour of the hospital!


Our wildlife veterinarians, veterinary technicians and interns work around the clock to make sure these animals have a support network should they become sick, injured or orphaned due to interactions with humans. We use this care as a platform to teach those interested about this wild world, about some of the most common reasons these animals end up in our care, and how we can best live alongside these interesting animals. We love questions, and hope you feel comfortable asking anything you might be curious about related to the natural world. During the tour the animals you will see include a Red-Tailed Hawk, native and naturalized turtles and tortoises, exotic reptiles, and a barn owl. Wildlife in the hospital changes depending on the season. Our busiest time of year is early Spring.


We welcome Boy/Girl Scouts, Students K-12, small families, individuals and community organizations to schedule tours with our STEM Educator, Jack Banagis. 


Hours and Tour Information


To schedule a tour email Jack at or give him a call at 781-682-4878 ext. 125. Please give up to 48 hours for a response. Tours take an hour to complete, and will typically take place completely indoors. In the summer we may extend the tour to include outdoor caging.


Guided tours cost $10 per person (Self-guided prices: See below). For girl/boy scout groups we do not charge $10 for chaperones, and you may enter free of charge. We will also apply this rule to other community groups. For larger groups please email to discuss plans and pricing.


Self-guided tours cost $5 for entry. Self Guided Tours are currently closed. Tours are by appointment only. 

WE CURRENTLY ARE OFFERING COMMUNITY TOURS – please RSVP with Jack at These run every Thursday in March at 11:30AM


Tours are by appointment only and are available 7 days a week starting at 10 AM and the last tours run at 2 PM. Thank you for your interest in a tour at NEWC!


We frequently need physical items restocked in our hospital, and as such have a running wishlist here:



The Center has indoor and outdoor nature trails. 

The indoor trail, which is also available in Braille, is about the Center, its green facility, and the animals that it cares for.

The outdoor trail, the Andrea McKenna Harris Nature Trail and Wetlands, is 4/10th mile trail that winds through the wetlands and uplands of the Center’s woodland.  The trail passes over and around a vernal pond that extends for more than two acres.  Hikers can investigate the character of the red maple and tupelo wetland and a black, white, and chestnut oak upland.

Thank you for your interest in a tour at New England Wildlife Center!


Why Do You Charge an Admissions Fee?

We charge a modest admissions fee to help offset the costs of operating NEWC.

NEWC receives no federal or state funding to care for sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife, and relies entirely on the generosity of people like you to provide emergency veterinary care and assistance.

All visitors are welcome!  If a visitor is unable to pay due to financial hardship, we will gladly waive the admission fee to allow all to enjoy the natural learning opportunities at NEWC.

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