Principles of Volunteering at the Center


  1. NEXT VOLUNTEER DAY [ TIME IN JULY – TBH ] @ 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM 


Description: Each month New England Wildlife Center invites families, school groups, boy and girl scout clubs and individuals to work alongside educators to complete special projects. This is a great opportunity for high school students to complete up to 5 hours of needed community service in a single day. As a small organization, we rely heavily on community support to continue our mission of caring for our wildlife, and providing engaging, hands-on education for students of all ages. Hosted by volunteer coordinator Jack Banagis.

If you have any equipment that could be used during the day we would greatly appreciate it! Contact us to sign up! Contact us to sign up! Contact us to sign up! Contact us to sign up! 

2. Odd Pet Vet Lobby Host [Weekly Scheduling]

Description: New England Wildlife Center’s largest fee-for-service is our exotic veterinary pet practice. Staffed by 3 compassionate, experienced veterinarians the Odd Pet Vet aims to keep your furry, scaly, and feathered friends in the best health! As a Lobby host, we are seeking social, friendly volunteers to enhance the waiting experience for clients by acting as a host, helping to answer their questions, interacting with pets, and baking cookies (THE MOST IMPORTANT THING! WE LOVE COOKIES!!!). If you are interested, please contact Jack Banagis to talk about availability. Odd Pet Vet appointments are scheduled 7 days a week. This position does not include work with wildlife – for such positions please apply to our internship program.


How to Start Volunteering:

If you’d like to get involved, please call Jack banagis our volunteer coordinator at 781-682-4878 x126 or email him at jack.banagis@newildlife.org. Make sure to reference the open position you are interested in filling.



One of the Center’s most significant education programs is its volunteer program. Volunteering at the Center is all about learning. It is also about doing something for the community, especially the community of wild animals that live in and among our neighborhoods. There are no age barriers for volunteers; anyone of any age can come to the Center and participate in caring for animals and helping the Center provide for its own unique community.

Currently, New England Wildlife Center’s volunteer program asks those interested in volunteering to take a look at the positions we are looking to fill. We are open 7 days a week from 10 AM to 4 PM. To get started, take a look at the list of jobs we currently need below. We also run single-day volunteer session once a month, where groups, families and individuals come in to help with a specific project.

Volunteers work on special events like our “Night of a Thousand Faces” Halloween event.  Volunteers also conduct tours, raise money, walk our two goats, clean, feed and exercise reptiles, assist with birthday parties, and in the exams of animals for the Odd Pet Vet.  As volunteers work and care for animals and our facility they are taught about the biology of life on Earth, about work and work ethic, and about how to ask investigative and discovery style questions.  Volunteers work along side wildlife biologists, veterinarians, interns, and other volunteers.  The Center embraces and encourages mentor style hands-on apprentice–type education and work. Volunteers do not work directly with the sick, injured or orphaned wildlife present in the Hospital. If you are interested in working with wildlife, we recommend looking into our year-round internship program.

For Questions & Inquiries: Contact volunteer manager Jack Banagis

Phone: 781-682-4878 x126.

Email: jack.banagis@newildlife.org