The George Anthology

The Center’s staff, interns, volunteers, and donors are creating an anthology about raccoons. This anthology includes stories (both made-up and true), photographs, artwork, poems and songs about the lives and biology of the ‘little bandit’.  Raccoons are native wild animals that have populated North America for 25 million years. The name raccoon derives from the Algonquin arakun, which means ‘he scratches with his hands’.

Please share your stories and artwork with us. All submissions to the anthology will be stored at the Center but selections from each category will be compiled and published.

Our previous raccoon ambassador, George, inspired many to write, draw and breakout in song.

If you have stories, songs or pictures that you would like to submit please give them to Steve Martin or Greg Mertz.  Their contact information is listed below.

Steve Martin                             Greg Mertz
781-682-4878 ext.126    


Songs and poems inspired by George:

My Raccoon Tune

Raccoon Poem 1

Raccoon Poem 2

Raccoon Poem 3

Raccoon Haiku 1

Raccoon Haiku 2




Dr. Greg MertzThe George Anthology