Welcome to New England WIldlife Center!

Our Mission

The mission of New England Wildlife Center is to give animals and people a place to thrive.


How Do We Do It?

Our care-based approach to science education is purposefully designed to provide critical veterinary treatment to animals in need now, while sharing the skills and knowledge people of all ages need to preserve nature for future generations.

Our key services and programs include:

Why Is It Important?

The more people have the opportunity to experience a connection with animals and the natural world, the more they understand their individual potential to positively impact themselves, our environment, and all living things.

We value the vital role animals of all species play in the natural world, the ecology of our community, and in our own personal well-being.  We also believe in the power of kinesthetic learning – or learning by doing – to help people of all ages and backgrounds discover how they can contribute to building and maintaining a healthy ecosystem.

Our programs and services provide the critical link between animals and people in order to inspire environmental awareness and to provide the skills necessary to make a significant contribution to preserving nature for future generations.

You Can Be a Part of It!


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