Wildlife Hospital

The Center treats and cares for 225 different species of animals each year. Over the years we have treated over 75,000 wild animals.   This includes sick, injured and orphaned native and naturalized wild animals such as hummingbirds, snapping turtles, raccoons, foxes, cottontails, hawks, owls and many others.  The care is conducted under the direction of veterinarians.  The vet team includes wildlife rehabilitators, veterinary technicians and animal care workers.  High school and undergraduate interns are incorporated into the day-to-day care, giving students the opportunity to work with and study up-close the biology of many species.  These are animals that students would otherwise never have the opportunity to contact. The care provided to wildlife succeeds about one-half of the time.  By the time wild animals that are sick or injured are able to be successfully caught and brought to us, they are usually in very poor condition.  All animals successfully rehabilitated are released back to local woodlands and estuaries.

Canada Goose Release Video






Dr. Greg MertzWildlife Hospital