Norfolk Agricultural High School

by Katrina Bergman on September 20, 2012 No comments

New England Wildlife Center has a collaborative education program with the Norfolk Agricultural High School (Norfolk Aggie).  Six years ago the program began as an initiative between the Center, Norfolk Agricultural High School, Mass Bay Community College and Massachusetts General Hospital.  Each year the Center’s veterinarians and Norfolk Aggie teachers interview students enrolled in their animal science program who are interested in participating in this six week long hands-on internship.  Students must submit resumes, interview and follow up with thank you letters.  In May and June, students spend six weeks at the Center working inside our hospital alongside our undergraduate students, veterinary technicians and veterinarians.

According to Norfolk Agricultural teacher, Diane, the Center experience reinforces the information that is taught to them in the classroom, and teaches them things that can only be learned through hand-on experience.  “The students love learning all the procedures that allow for the proper rehabilitation of animals and they also enjoy learning how to educate others about wildlife and their own roles in the process of keeping them safe.” she says “New England Wildlife Center’s philosophies and care of wildlife reflect the school’s beliefs.”

Norfolk Agricultural High School enjoys their experience here because of our openness toward education.  The Center strives to see these students learn from their time here and educate others about what they’ve learned.

Posted by Student, Jack Banagis

Katrina BergmanNorfolk Agricultural High School