Raccoon Stapling Surgery

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This is a short video of a surgery we had recently. One of our raccoons developed an abscess in his neck. An abscess is an accumulation of pus within the body that is generally surrounded by inflamed tissue. It is usually caused by a bacterial infection, which can result from as little as a tiny cut. Normally this is an easy fix, as we keep close track of all our animals, and with regular wound care it would have been healed in a matter of weeks. We cleaned the wound, removed all the dead tissue and pus, applied antibiotic ointment, and bandaged the area. Raccoons are very intelligent and curious however, and although we did the procedure under anesthesia, as soon as he woke up he would pull the wrapping off to see what was underneath. The surgery in this short video clip shows our solution to this dilemma. Dr. Adamski cleaned the wound again, made sure it was on track to heal well naturally, and used surgical staples to close the skin over the cleaned and treated abscess. This should now allow the wound to heal without interruption.

internRaccoon Stapling Surgery