Thank you Quinlan!

by intern on October 20, 2014 Comments Off on Thank you Quinlan!

Today’s post is a heartfelt thank you to Quinlan Connors, who you can see on the right in this photo holding the bag of dog food. Quinlan had his 9th birthday recently, and instead of asking for presents of any kind for himself he arranged for all of his guests to bring donations and supplies to us at NEWC. We received a huge amount of much needed food, cleaning supplies, and other essential items that we need to keep running. We are nearing winter, and we are going to be getting more and more animals suffering from exposure and lack of food. This kind of large donation is absolutely incredible for us, and really helps us to keep the animals we rescue healthy and well cared for. Thank you very much Quinlan, you’re amazing!

quinlan birthday

internThank you Quinlan!