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This is a Great Horned Owl fledgling, who was admitted into New England Wildlife Center’s hospital last week. He was found in Weymouth on the ground, without a nest nearby. Brought into our building by Local Animal Control, he was examined by our veterinary team and found to be in amazing health. He was actually a bit overweight for his age which indicates he was well cared for. After we ruled out any additional injuries or signs of disease, we monitored him for a few days before giving the go ahead to foster him into another nest. Our goal was to either find his original nest, or another Great Horned Owl nest which could foster the fledgling. We were lucky to find his nest, and two days ago he took the journey just down the road from us and was reunited with his mother. She will continue to care for him until he has become a juvenile and can support himself. We expect the baby will grow up big and strong.

Great Horned Owls are one of the most common species of owl in North America, and are equally at home in deserts, wetlands, meadows, forests, cities, and suburban areas. They are amazing predators and can take down prey larger than themselves using their thick, sharp talons. One of their favorite prey animals are the Skunk, but considering they have a horrible sense of smell, its not very unpleasant for them. They have large eyes and pupils which open very widely in the dark. Their retinas contain many more “Rod” photo receptors, which are responsible for their excellent night vision. They’re a very cool animal!

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Katrina Bergman