NEWC UPDATE : Covid-19 Response

by Jack Banagis on March 13, 2020 No comments



May 15 Update on New England Wildlife Centers response to Covid 19

Although the public cannot enter our building because of Covid 19 —

The New England Wildlife Centers – Weymouth and Cape Cod – have been caring for  sick, injured and orphaned wild animals.  We never stopped.  Our fledgling rescue service has been on the scene helping.  Seagull Team Six is coming to rescue wild animals because

Odd Pet Vet Update:   appointments for existing clients. If you are an existing client and you need a consultation and/or to talk with Dr. Mertz or Dr. Snow please call (781) 682-4878. Mary Ann, Olivia and Rachel will be fielding all calls from home, so please be patient.

If you are a new client, we are seeing a very limited number of new patients on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Please call to make an appointment.  Please know that they will fill up quickly.  We will add appointments and staff when safe.

There are different safety measures to keep everyone safe.  Animals are dropped curbside with paper work.  You are given a short questioner which asks if you have been exposed to Covid 19 or if you are experiencing any of the symptoms.  The administrator making the appointment will walk you through it.

If you have a true medical emergency for your pet animal, please go to your nearest veterinary hospital that is open and has an ER. You can also leave a message for us and we can provide triage and connect you directly to South Shore Veterinary Centers of America’s Emergency Service. We are working in partnership with them to make sure any animal family member needing emergency help has access.

If you have any questions, please call Katrina Bergman, NEWCs’ CEO, at (781) 682 4878 x122.

Please be safe.  Wear a mask.  Adhere to Social Distancing.  

Our animal and people community are precious to everyone at New England Wildlife Centers.

Jack BanagisNEWC UPDATE : Covid-19 Response