Admission Review Process

All applications will first be reviewed regarding completeness. If the application is not
complete, the applicant will be removed from consideration.

When an application meets the Center’s interests, goals and guidelines, the applicant may be
contacted to arrange an interview. It is also possible that the Center will make use of e-mail
to initiate with the applicant an email conversation regarding the application.

When applying for the summer months, applications are reviewed after the February 15th
deadline. Following evaluation, applicants will receive notification of the decision in a timely
manner, and in writing. Unfortunately, the Center receives many more applications than it
can possibly accommodate. If we are not able to offer you a position it is likely that we were
simply not able to accommodate another intern at your requested internship period.

If applying for the Fall, Winter or Spring seasons, applications will be reviewed as they are
received and applicants will be accepted or denied on a rolling basis. First come, first served
– so apply early to make sure you get a spot.



Dr. Greg MertzAdmission Review Process