Junior Girl Scouts Help the Center!

by Jack Banagis on June 6, 2013 No comments


New England Wildlife Center is proud to share some great news to our website.  For some time now, Troop 81157 of the junior girl scouts located in East Bridgewater have been collecting material goods to donate to NEWC.  Troop leader Kathy MacDonald and co-leader Rhonda DeChambeau organized the group of 15 girls into doing a variety of different activities, such as holding a candy bar raffle, to raise donations.  These activities and donations are part of the troop’s Bronze Award Service Project.  Their aspirations came to fruition on June 4th as Troop 81157 took a trip down to NEWC in order to drop off all the much needed items they have collected.  Steve Martin, the director of our volunteer programs, was there to receive the amazing collection of goods.  After many trips in and out of the Center, with hands full of donations, and after the last roll of paper towels had been delivered, the astounding total added up to almost $1000.  Steve noted that this donation was, “one of the largest item donations we have ever had the pleasure of receiving in the past few years”.  Consisting of almost every item on our wish list, the troop has gone above and beyond the call of service in order to make a real difference in the lives of all the animals treated at the Center.  We want to thank them for their time, commitment and generosity.

It warms our hearts to see girls like this take it into their own hands to make a difference for a cause they care so much about.  Every donation counts, large or small, and it is these donations that keep NEWC stocked and ready to provide care to the thousands of injured, orphaned and sick wild animals that enter through our doors every year.  We are inspired to keep doing our best thanks to the generosity of our local community.  Thank you again Troop 81157, you have made a difference!


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Jack BanagisJunior Girl Scouts Help the Center!