Northern Flying Squirrel Once Caught in a Glue Trap Now Ready for Release

by Katrina Bergman on March 15, 2017 No comments

This little fella’ is a Northern Flying squirrel who is making his way back to his enclosure after being weighed for the day. These little squirrels are fast, and catching them as they whir around their cage can be quite challenging. He was admitted after becoming injured attempting to escape from a glue trap. His back feet were cut up, and he clearly exhausted himself in the attempted escape.

Once admitted to our hospital, our veterinary team found him to be weakened after the ordeal, with lacerations to his hind legs and general weakness due to dehydration and hunger. We set out to fatten him up, and stabilize him for the time it would take his feet to heal. After a month inside the hospital, all injuries were treated successfully. He is fat and happy, and has regained all mobility in his hind legs. We will continue to monitor him for the week, and then make a decision as to when he will be released. We will be waiting for the snow to clear and the days to warm before releasing many of our over-wintered wildlife, the flying squirrel included.

Below you can see the flying squirrel evade having his weight taken as he sprints around his cage. Hanging 10.. Make that hanging 20!

Katrina BergmanNorthern Flying Squirrel Once Caught in a Glue Trap Now Ready for Release