Happy St Patrick’s Day! We love Green!

by Katrina Bergman on March 17, 2017 No comments

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from New England Wildlife Center staff and interns! As you all prepare for the festivities, donning your favorite green gear and preparing the traditional mashed potatoes and corned beef, the Center is also finishing preparations for our busiest time of the year, Spring babies! To us, St. Patrick’s Day is a clear indication that the baby season has begun.

Did you know New England Wildlife Center goes “Green” year round? After being built 11 years ago,the Wildlife Center is the first veterinary hospital of its kind built to LEED-specification. This means we utilize a variety of design techniques and materials that greatly reduce our environmental impact. These are things like paper floors, wheat cabinets, recycled steel beams, and a north-south facing facility to generate natural sunlight which illuminates over 75% of the building. Our driveway is made of pervious rocks to allow for natural drainage of rainwater to prevent erosion, and the solar-voltaic panels on our roof provide over 15% of our yearly energy consumption.Pretty cool right?

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Katrina BergmanHappy St Patrick’s Day! We love Green!