First Baby Grey Squirrel of Season Admitted to Hospital!!!

by Katrina Bergman on March 20, 2017 No comments
The babies are beginning to arrive! After the snow storm last Tuesday, a baby Grey squirrel was found alone in the snow, most likely blown out of its nest due to high winds. Unable to be reunited with mom, he made his way down from Melrose to be admitted into New England Wildlife Center’s hospital.
He was chilly, but otherwise a good weight for his age, a whopping 4 days old. His eyes are still closed, and he will need to remain with our veterinary staff for over two months before he will be ready for release. During this time we will syringe feed him until he is independent enough to eat and forage from weening plates. We will monitor his physical growth to make sure he continues growing at a good pace, and will test his ability to do many necessary actions such as climbing and balancing. Normally babies are born in small litters, so we will be introducing a stuffed animal surrogate soon in order to make the baby feel as comfortable as possible. For now his prognosis is guarded, but we believe he will grow up big and strong!
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Katrina BergmanFirst Baby Grey Squirrel of Season Admitted to Hospital!!!