The Odd Pet Vet offers Affordable, Quality care for all your Exotic Pets!!

by Katrina Bergman on March 28, 2017 No comments

How about these two teenage dragons sitting down to watch a movie together? Adorable!

The Odd Pet Vet is an exotic animal veterinary practice and part of the New England Wildlife Center. We offer the most affordable, quality veterinary care for all your scaly, feathered and furry loved ones. $25 for full service wing, beak and nail trimmings, $65 examination fees (With discounts for 2 of the same species!) and under $300 for most spay and neuter procedures. The best thing is that your animals are being treated by 3 of the most talented exotics veterinarians in New England, and 100% of all the fees you pay for veterinary care support New England Wildlife Centers care of wildlife and environmental education. Its a win-win! With the weather warming, now is the perfect time to call our front desk at 781-682-4878 to make an appointment! We are open 7 days a week.

**Just please let us know before hand if your pet is poisonous!**

You can find more information about the Odd Pet Vet on our website at

The two bearded dragons featured in this picture are Puff (left) and Spyro (right). They are 6 and 8 years old respectively and normally hang out with one another during the day, here they are basking under a heat lamp. They just received a clean bill of health at the Odd Pet Vet. You can stop any time to see these two and the other educational animals (Turtles, dragons, spiders, snakes and other lizards) we care for here at the Center.

Katrina BergmanThe Odd Pet Vet offers Affordable, Quality care for all your Exotic Pets!!