Red Tail with Rodenticide Recovers in Hospital!

by Jack Banagis on April 24, 2017 No comments

This is a Red Tailed hawk. He was admitted to New England Wildlife Center and later diagnosed with rodenticide toxicosis, also known as rat poisoning. This pest control does more damage to the ecosystem than many realize, and will quickly harm mammals and avian species who feed on rodents and other small mammals infected with the poison. The use of concentrated rat poisonings in Massachusetts by home owners has been banned, but commercial use continues to infect the local wildlife populations. This is one of the most common issues, alongside birds hit by vehicles, that bring these birds of prey into our hospital.

Treatment of rat poison cases include daily vitamin K injections. Vitamin K is an important co-factor in the body’s clotting cascade. He is also being cared for with daily fluids, bed rest and pain medication as he continues to recover. Currently his prognosis is guarded, but as we continue to treat him we hope to begin physical therapy in our outdoor avian flight pen within the upcoming weeks.

Jack BanagisRed Tail with Rodenticide Recovers in Hospital!