Short-Tailed Weasel Orphan Admitted to Hospital

by Jack Banagis on May 1, 2017 No comments

This is an orphaned Short-tailed weasel, admitted to NEWC’s hospital last week. Only 3 weeks old, this weasel will be raised to independence in our hospital over the coming months. He was initially found in Rutland, MA and transferred to our facility. Short-tailed weasels are also known as Stoats, and are carnivorous. As we continue to care for him, he will need to open his eyes, start to gain weight, and eventually learn to forage for food and survive on his own. Adults normally kill small borrowing animals, and then usurp the borrow for their own use. Currently he is healthy and growing fast, his prognosis is good!

Jack BanagisShort-Tailed Weasel Orphan Admitted to Hospital