Eagle Scout Aidan Builds Soft Release Caging for Mammals!!

by Jack Banagis on May 4, 2017 No comments

Thanks Aidan and Troop #19 of Weymouth! Over the last month Aidan worked with staff at New England Wildlife Center on an Eagle Scout project to build Squirrel boxes and additional soft release caging for our mammalian patients.

These very useful rehabilitative cages are the last step for many of these animals. They are useful for our veterinary staff to observe behaviors necessary to surviving in the wild. Our protocol is normally to place the patient within a controlled space in their natural environment, then, after a week or two of observation, permanently released back into the wild if all goes well. The Squirrel boxes provide adequate protection from the elements and predators, and will be hung up high in trees throughout the Center’s woodlands. You all did an amazing job, your work will help many animals during the years to come. Thank You!!

Jack BanagisEagle Scout Aidan Builds Soft Release Caging for Mammals!!